13+ Expensive Japanese Fruit You’ll Find in Japan ($$$)

Wondering what kind of expensive Japanese fruits there are in Japan?

And how much they go for?

Well, let’s just say… from $16 up to $25,000.

You might’ve heard about square water melons… but there’s a lot more. So, in this quick guide, you’ll learn all about… Japan’s expensive fruit, what makes them so special, and how much cash each fruit will cost you.

But before we jump in, a quick note.

 Before you go clutching for your pearls over the outrageous prices below, keep in mind that expensive fruits like the ones listed below are often given as gifts. Yes, normal everyday fruit is more expensive than other countries (because… island nation, not enough space, relying on import, etc.), but the really expensive stuff isn’t normal everyday fruit, okay? 


Note: Exchange rate is not taken into account for simplicity sake.

Let’s take a look  below.

expensive japanese fruit

1. Bijin Hime Strawberry

  • Price: Over ¥50,000 ($500 USD)

Bijin Hime means “Beautiful princess” in Japanese.

This is one of the most expensive and largest strawberries. They can sell for up to 50,000 yen per strawberry. Of course, the prices depend on size and weight which can range from 40 grams to over 100 grams.

Bijin Hime strawberries took around 15 years of development to achieve such a large, sweet, and fragrant fruit. They take about 45 days of growth and they can only grow 500 strawberries per year.

2. Ruby Roman Grapes

'Ruby Roman' japanese grape

  • Price: Up to ¥1.2 million ($12,000 USD)

Originating from Ishikawa prefecture in 2008, these are red table grapes that are impressive in their size and flavor. Each grape can weigh over 20 grams. In 2019, a 700 gram bunch of grapes sold for 1.2 million yen at an auction. There are extremely strict standards in order for them to be sold as Ruby Roman Grapes. Each grape has to have 18 percent sugar content and weigh at least 20 grams. In addition to their sugar content and size, they also have a low acidity which makes them particularly enjoyable.

These grapes are considered the most expensive… out of all of the Japanese grape varieties.

3. Yubari King Melon

Yubari King Melon

  • Price: Up to ¥2.5 million for 1 ($25,000 USD)

Yubari King is a cantaloupe that is grown in Yubari prefecture in Hokkaido. They look aesthetically pleasing with a perfect round shape and beautiful rind patterning. The taste is extremely sweet and fragrant. Yubari King is also one of the most expensive Japanese fruit with a record selling price of 5 million yen for two melons.

4. White Jewel Strawberry


  • Price: ¥1000 ($10 USD) per strawberry

As the name suggests, these rare strawberries are white inside and outside. They are grown by one grower in Saga prefecture of Japan. Each strawberry can cost about 1000 yen and only 10 percent of white jewel variety strawberries end up turning completely white. These strawberries took years of development to reach this unique color, flavor, and size of around 40 grams.

5. Densuke Watermelon

Densuke watermelon

  • Price: ¥25,000 ($250 USD) per melon

These watermelons are immediately noticeable by their black color. Although they are originally green, the rind of the melon turns completely black as it matures. They are usually around 25,000 yen per melon but can fetch high prices like 700,000 yen at auctions. What is special about this expensive watermelon is its unparalleled sweetness and texture.

6. Sekai Ichi Apples

Land of expensive fruit

  • Price: ¥2,000 ($20 USD) per apple

One of the largest apples sold in Japan are the Sekai Ichi apples. In Japanese, “Sekai Ichi” means “world’s best”… which is a suitable name for this expensive Japanese fruit.

One of these apples can weigh around 900 grams with a circumference of 30-46 cm. Along with their giant size, they have an intense sweet and juicy flavor. Each apple is sold for around 2000 yen in stores.

7. Satonishiki Cherries

Red cherry, Satonishiki

  • Price: Up to ¥1 million ($10,000 USD) for a box of cherries

Featuring a beautiful red color and balanced sweetness, Satonishiki cherries are some of the most highly sought after cherries. Grown in Yamagata prefecture, they can also fetch high prices both in stores and at auctions. A box of these cherries sold for around 1 million yen at an auction in 2021.

8. Taiyo no tamago Mango

Expensive Taiyo-no-Tamago (Egg of the Sun) mangoes

  • Price: ¥5000 ($50 USD) for 1 mango

“Taiyo no tamago” means “egg of the sun”, and they are one of the most expensive and delicious mangoes in the world. The care taken in growing these mangoes involves letting the light hit the mango evenly and allowing them to drop to a soft net when they are ripe. These mangoes melt in your mouth and don’t have a fibrous texture like other mangos. One mango can cost at least 5000 yen and up to 150,000 yen at auctions.

9. Shine Muscat Green Grapes

Shine Muscat

  • Price: As low as ¥1,600 ($16 USD) for a bunch

Shine Muscat grapes are a high-end grape with a sweet and low-acidity flavor. Each bunch of grapes can be around 1,600 – 6,000 yen depending on the quality. Unlike other luxury fruits, these grapes are relatively easier to grow and are now also popular in countries like Korea and China.

10. Dekopon Orange


  • Price: ¥8000 ($80 USD) for 1 box/6 oranges

The Dekopon orange is a cute orange with a large bump on top. It features a thick skin that is easy to peel. These oranges are seedless, large, and extremely sweet. Dekopon oranges are priced at around 8000 yen per box of 6 oranges. In the US, they are gaining popularity for their unique taste and are called “Sumo” oranges.

11. Square Watermelons

This is one of the most well known expensive Japanese fruit.

Square watermelons

  • Price: ¥9000 ($90 USD) for 1 square watermelon

These watermelons were originally developed as a way to save refrigerator space. However, the unique growing conditions made the watermelons less delicious. They are grown in square boxes that allow the light to hit the melon. Instead of harvesting them for eating, they are now a highly sought after decoration fruit. Each watermelon can cost around 90 dollars.

If you’re outside of Japan and grow watermelons, you can always buy a square shaper from Amazon.

12. Nikkori Pear


  • Price: ¥4,500 yen ($45 USD) for 3 pears

Grown in the Tochigi prefecture, these pears can weigh around 1kg per pear. Nikkori means “smile” in Japanese. They have a high sugar percentage and an irresistible crisp texture. A crate of 3 Nikkori pears can cost around 4,500 yen. Unlike some of the other luxury fruits, the pears have a long shelf life so that it can be enjoyed for a longer period of time.

13. Okayama Yume White Peach


  • Price: ¥11000 ($110 USD) for a 2kg package

This is a type of white peach grown in Okayama prefecture. It’s a relatively newer variety of peach that grows to an enormous size of up to 500 grams per peach. This peach is very sweet and fragrant with a light creamy pink colored skin. A 2kg package of peaches can cost up to 11,000 yen.

Conclusion &  Back to You

Now you know about some unique and expensive Japanese fruit.

Are there any others missing from this list?

Have you ever tried any? So far, I’ve tried the shine muscat grapes and have to admit that they’re well worth the money.

Which is your favorite?

Leave a comment below.

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