Free Tools for Learning Japanese

You Will Find These Resources
Useful for learning Japanese

1. Japanese Workbooks & Worksheets: A collection of printable PDF worksheets covering must-know Japanese words, phrases and grammar rules. Click here.

2. Japanese Word of the Day: Get a Japanese word with examples emailed to you every day for free. Click here.

3. Japanese Vocabulary PDF Lessons: A collection of printable PDF cheat sheets that span all kinds of topics: weather, family, love, anime, etc. You can print and keep these as physical study sheets. Click here.

4. JLPT Kanji Workbooks: There are JLPT N4 and N5 specific workbooks that you can write Kanji in. Just print and practice. Click here.

5. Visual Flashcards: These are flashcards you can print, cut out and study. They’ll help you master 1,500+ Japanese words. Click here.

6. Japanese Vocabulary Cheat Sheets: Save these pictures and swipe through them on your phone to review words. Click here.

7. Japanese Alphabet (Hiragana & Katakana Workbook): If you’re a beginner, you’ll want to learn the Alphabet first. This workbook guides you through each character. Click here.

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