10+ Best Japanese Products on Amazon

Looking for the best Japanese products on Amazon?

In this guide, you’ll find a collection of interesting and cool Japanese products… whether for your home, for your hygiene, fun gadgets, and everything in between.

Given that this guide is about best Japanese products on Amazon…

…you’ll see a just few examples of products. Amazon has plenty more.

So, If you want to see what else is available, click on the images below over to Amazon via my affiliate links.

Best Japanese Products on Amazon

Cherry Blossom Products

The Cherry Blossoms (sakura) are an important part of Japanese culture. In fact, they’re the national flower.

The flowers are a symbol of the coming of spring and renewal. And as beautiful as they are, they only last for about two weeks… which adds another reminder: time is fleeting.

So, it’s no surprise that in Japan, you’ll find all kinds of cherry blossom related foods and products. If you want to add some of these to your home, then you can definitely find them on Amazon. For example, lamps, art, bedding, fake plants…

   Tree lamp Room Divider Tapestry Sakura bedding

To cherry blossom tea, mugs/cups, shower curtains and clocks.

As you can tell, the sky is the limit here.


Fancy chopsticks are a common gift people buy in Japan to bring back home.

Well, if Japan is a bit out of reach… or if you want some fancy chopsticks to help you eat Japanese food, you can definitely get a nice pair here.

Deodorant Wipes & Face Wipes

Japan can get really hot and humid in the summer. Which means lots of sweating.

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And for that… they have deodorant wipes that have “chilling” effects and smell quite nice. All you do is… take one sheet and wipe yourself down.  You’ll see Japanese people buying these during the summer from local convenience stores like 7-11 and Lawson.

Very unique, Japan-only product and indispensable.

Eye Masks

This is a Japanese product for men and women alike. Anyone that sits all day at the computer, strains their eyes and has headaches.

Click here

Just open it up. Place it on your eyes. Enjoy the variety of soft scents they offer. Feel the mask heat up. The result? You feel relaxed and can fall asleep easier. At least, that’s what customers say on Amazon.

  • good for relaxation and falling asleep
  • relieves tension and strain on the eyes
    • (good if you’re staring at a computer all day)
  • good for headaches

Tenugui – Fabric/Handerkchief/Towel

Tenugui is a thin, cotton fabric with various patterns and designs. What it is also… is a nice Japanese souvenir for yourself. Tourists do buy these as gifts. But, what are they for?

The tenugui has many uses.

You could hang it up as decoration, use it as a fashion accessory, as a towel (although it’s on the thin side), as a handkerchief, and as wrapping for a gift. Click here to learn more

As you can see, there are all kinds of designs and variations.

However, given the beautiful designs, I think they’d be better off used as decorations rather than something to wipe yourself.


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Japan is big on incense. If you ever visit shrines, you’ll notice the pleasant smells. So, why not make your home smell good as well? So, if you’re looking for Japanese products, check out incense.

Lamps & Lanterns

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The thing about Japanese lamps is… they just look good. They’re simple, modern and clean. They’d fit right in your bedroom, office, study or living room… or any minimal-style household.

So that’s why, in my opinion, anyone looking for Japanese-related products should consider them.

Now, lamps aside…

Rice Cookers, Hot Pots and Frying Pans

Anyone who’s lived in Japan long enough ends up getting converted to rice.

How could you eat anything without rice? So, naturally, you’d want a rice cooker. Zojirushi is the big rice-cooker brand out there.

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On top of rice cookers, Amazon also has…. Takoyaki grills (takoyaki are ball-shaped dumplings made of octopus – also known as octopus balls)… Cool frying pans for making tamagoyaki (Japanese omelette)…. And hot pots.

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Room Dividers

Let’s say you want to divide up space in your room. Or, turn a big room into several. What would you do? Buy another apartment?

Well, that’s where “shoji” or these convenient room dividers/fold-able screens come into play.
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But before you get one, remember that the screens are super delicate. So, if you plan on crashing into walls or… er, room dividers, you’ve been warned. This is for calm adults only.


If you’re into Japanese culture, another area to consider is stationery – pens, envelopes, stickers, notepads, notebooks, planners and whatever other paper products you’ll need for your writing.

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Keep an eye out for “Muji.” It’s a retailer/life-style brand that’s well known for stationery among many other products.

iPhone/Smartphone Cases

If you’re looking for a simpler and cheaper Japanese-inspired product… then you should consider a smartphone case.

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Toilets & Wash-lets

If you ask me, “what’s the best Japanese product?”

Above all… only come comes to mind (so far. Maybe I’ll think of more later)

The toilets.

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If you’ve ever been to Japan, then you understand why Japanese toilets are a big deal. And yes, you can find them on Amazon.

Not only full-blown toilets but also wash-lets and seats that have all the stuff you need — heating, water spray, and more. While actual toilets are pretty expensive and require a lot of installation, wash-lets are pretty affordable, are easier to set up and still offer you a near-Japanese experience.

Definitely one of best Japanese products on Amazon.

Wall Art & Decor

I mentioned Tenugui above as something you can hang up.

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That aside, you can find plenty of Japanese-themed art on Amazon to add a bit of flair to your home.

From simple designs and traditional Japanese art to scenic shots of cities and nature.

What’s Your Favorite Japanese Product?

These are just a few of the best Japanese products on Amazon that I’ve found.

Now, over to you.

What are your favorite products and brands?

Should I include anything else here?

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